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October 14, 2020

Bremerton Raceway Racers:

The regular season is over, and the ET Bracket Finals are over, and the Fall Racing series is over, and I should get this update done and posted.

Track champions have been decided in all classes.

Congratulations to the champs

Super Pro Lonnie Sharkey

Pro Gary Howe Jr

Sportsman Gary Howe Jr

Motorcycle/Sled Josh Johnson

High School Maurice Castro

Jr Street Charlie Burkevics

Jr Lightening Ian Theofelis

Jr Thunder Dawsin Ridge

Super Pro came down to the last two races and Lonnie stepped up to the plate to take the championship.

Gary Howe Jr did he usual thing and killed it again in Pro and Sportsman.

Josh Johnson dominated the Motorcycle class.

And I think the Junior Drivers are glad Ian will be moving on to big cars next year.

Anyway, thanks again to all the racers who have supported Bremerton Raceway in this screwed up year. Hopefully, things will get better in the near future. After the regular season ended, we went to Firebird Raceway in Idaho and kicked some racers b_ _ _.

We took third place on Saturday, so we should have pretty decent parking at Woodburn in 2021. Bobby Burkevics Jr won the High School race on Saturday. Then on Sunday we tied for second place with Firebird and were only two points behind first place Portland. Ian Theofelis won Junior Lightning, Bill Vest made it to the semis in Super Pro, Dustin Ridge also got to the semi’s in Junior Thunder, and five racers went at least four rounds. We had a great brisket on Friday night and then pancakes and sausage on Saturday morning. Thanks to all the support and to Tim and Diane Petitt for the food. Even with the heat, it was a pretty Darn good weekend.

Moving on to the Fall Series. We had five races scheduled, but Mother Nature put the kibosh on the last one.

And the Fall Champions are

Super Pro Diane Petitt

Pro Brian McGinnis

Sportsman Troy Johnston

Motorcycle/Sled Ryan Brown

Jr Lightening Jenna Horton

Jr Thunder Greyson Fossum

As far as the awards banquet goes, right now we cannot have it in December. Hopefully, things will lighten up by January and we can do things then. That is my current plan. We will keep you die hard racers informed.

Our first race in 2021 should be Easter weekend, which is April 2 through the 4th. I plan on having a chassis inspection/ETI day on March 6. So much more I should say, but I can never find the right words. So, I will just stop. You can still order barrels of fuel, give me a call to set that up. If you have used slicks that are at least 31 tall, we can use them for the drag tractor. Remember, the orange numbered pit spots are reserved.

Oh yeah, one other note. Tim Petitt was voted in as the Handler’s Vice President and Diane Petitt is now in charge of the booster club. Tim is out getting support for the track so we can continue to improve the racing at Bremerton Raceway. Some of the things we would like to acquire – forklift, golf cart, four-wheeler, and sponsorships. I have talked extensively to CompuLink about the problem with the 330 in the left lane. If things get back to somewhat normal in 2021, they are scheduled to come to Bremerton Raceway and look at the issue and get it resolved. You can contact Tim at 253-732-9197. Or at

My email is or My phone is 253-225-3990 or 360-674-2280.

Dennis Boley

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Packed with concession stands that offer you breakfast, lunch, and coffee, and our bleachers, with capacity for 2000 individuals, gives you space for you and your loved ones to really enjoy our races and a day of fun. Participate in one of our many events, or simply watch our races and enjoy yourself. Winners will earn a chance to take part in the Pomona race going on in California. Backed by NHRA safety standards and extra insurance for drivers, both viewers and participating racers can enjoy the Bremerton Raceway safely and without worry.

Bremerton Raceway has always prided itself on being a family friendly and community oriented facility. At the track you will find many activities to make your outing a more enjoyable one. Some weekends we have live music while on others there are specific activities for the kids. There is something for the whole family to enjoy at Bremerton Raceway!


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